"Love liberates, love rescues, love is the Truth."

- Marshall Dunn

About Heart House Meditation

We help people access the intelligence, love & wisdom of the heart through meditation to feel happier, healthier and more peaceful.

In this way, Heart House Meditation also helps to cultivate kind, self-aware human beings. With attention given to our heart - the essence of the human experience - we empower individuals to access the intrinsic, natural qualities of being human. Love, joy, kindness, empathy, connection, gratitude, courage, trust, surrender and compassion.

The calm and peace people experience with Heart House Meditation wakes them up to a new way of being in the world. Stress and anxiety is reduced, vitality restored, and self-awareness elevated. The result, empowered individuals who experience better relationships, career choices, health and personal growth.

Simply put, Heart House Meditation connects you more deeply to love, so you can be a living expression of it.

We are a community that aims to love unconditionally despite our differences. We seek to understand instead of judge. We seek to embrace instead of compare.


We understand your essence is your power and we help you plug into it.

The Technique

Heart House Meditation (HHM) is a method that combines stabilizing one's energetic field through their feet in connection with the Earth; breathing that coordinates the body's respiratory, circulation and nervous systems in a state of coherence that results in an integration of one's soul, heart, mind and body; and amplification of light, love and appreciation radiated through the heart.

Peace and loving awareness 

resides in the heart

Amplify love and the electromagnetic field of your heart.

Boost immunity, vitality and sense of calm and presence.

Increase positive emotions to help the brain make good decisions.

Sooth the nervous system and heal the body.

Stay grounded and connected through your foundation.

Create calm in the moment



Shift Your Heart Rhythm, Shift Your Feelings.

The Spiritual Heart

Every human tradition and wise person to walk the face of the Earth since the dawn of time has pointed to the heart as the portal to knowing oneself. A symbol of wisdom, good health and intuition.

The masterpiece that is our heart, is our home of inner-knowing. Transcending time, culture and location, our heart is the source of love and channel to intelligent guidance. When you are in your heart, you are free. Free to swim in an ocean of Being - thoughtless, loving awareness....your true nature.

More than ever we believe the path forward to peace, unity, collaboration and higher consciousness is through a connection to one's heart. It starts with the individual. Your healing and awakening is the healing and awakening of the collective. One by one, the amplification of high frequency energy (love), through the heart, has the potential to produce amazing results, far beyond what we can imagine. 

We invite you to take a journey inside yourself and reconnect back to your true nature. From here, be an inspired, living expression of the love that's in your heart and share it with the world.


"Marshall has been influential in my development. He has an innate ability to develop a genuine understanding of the person then couples that with his own real-world experiences. By combining those two elements, he's able to create a blueprint for sustained success both in the professional and personal sectors. Most importantly, he aims for and succeeds in allowing you to live your true, authentic self in the most purest form."

Luca Messina, Major League Baseball

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