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Why Courage Is Your Secret Weapon To An Extraordinary Life

We all have a lion's roar within us.

This is the roar of the heart. It's all love and pure freedom of one's being. If you've ever read up about the true meaning of courage, it means to tell the story of who you are from the heart.

I will also extend that to "walk the path of the heart."

I believe that is all that Life requires of you - for your own evolving and the betterment of the world around you.

Your life isn't some random act of nothingness. You contain an individualized curriculum of purpose, manifested through the unique thread of love that exists within you.

I say unique because your thread is your gift to the greater whole of life's source of

Imagine if every single person lived and breathed unapologetically the song and dance that was in their heart?

Wow. One thing's for sure - there would be a huge shift in consciousness. You would see communities strengthen, innovation like we've never seen, creative and artistic excellence, less conflict, and most of...

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Listening To The Call Of The Soul


Enjoy this video, guys on "Listening To The Call Of The Soul" in meditation.

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Have a great day!


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5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You're Sleepwalking Through Life

Huh? Wha? (dazed and confused)

Feel like you're on the treadmill of life, running on empty?

Feel like your light has been dimmed under the weight of decisions that perhaps weren't aligned with your integrity?

Does each day feel the same? 

Or perhaps you don't even realize because you've never stopped to wonder why you're bored or unfulfilled?

When life loses its flavour, it might be time to take a pause and bring closer awareness into your life. Life is meant to be examined and reflected upon - it's part of the growing process.

Remember, you are important and needed!

Below are 5 questions to ask yourself if you feel as though you're sleepwalking through life.

NUMBER 1: "Am I Being Honest With Myself?"

It can be hard to look yourself in the mirror and be honest about how you're feeling. But suppression can lead to depression. Vulnerability with yourself opens the gate to truth and authentic power. You can't hide from the truth, and with it you create a platform to make...

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3 Ways To Supercharge Your Gratitude Practice

I see some people roll their eyes at gratitude. It may even make them want to throw up a little in their mouths. 

That's because, as per usual, we want instant gratification with little effort or thoughtfulness.

Gratitude doesn't work that way. These 3 ways below will help you supercharge your practice and help you shift how you see the world, making way for a happier, more positive perspective.



There's no heart in being general. It lacks depth. There's no connection or feeling behind it.

For gratitude to work and sink into your heart and soul, it needs specificity and depth.

You may have tried writing things down in a journal - keeping your daily "Oprah Gratitude List" - hoping that if you just write down 5 quick things in the morning before you scoot out the door, your life will magically change for the better.


Not exactly. Like any practice to work and be meaningful - we need effort.

My suggestion is to explain to yourself in detail - why...

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