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Why Courage Is Your Secret Weapon To An Extraordinary Life

We all have a lion's roar within us.

This is the roar of the heart. It's all love and pure freedom of one's being. If you've ever read up about the true meaning of courage, it means to tell the story of who you are from the heart.

I will also extend that to "walk the path of the heart."

I believe that is all that Life requires of you - for your own evolving and the betterment of the world around you.

Your life isn't some random act of nothingness. You contain an individualized curriculum of purpose, manifested through the unique thread of love that exists within you.

I say unique because your thread is your gift to the greater whole of life's source of

Imagine if every single person lived and breathed unapologetically the song and dance that was in their heart?

Wow. One thing's for sure - there would be a huge shift in consciousness. You would see communities strengthen, innovation like we've never seen, creative and artistic excellence, less conflict, and most of...

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