Create a calm, happy & harmonious atmosphere

Meditation to open hearts, foster collaboration and build trust.

In the new economy, employees are the key source of value creation.

To survive and thrive in this 4th industrial revolution you need to invest in employee wellbeing as a way to support both personal and professional development.

At Heart House Meditation, we help businesses cultivate calm, happy and harmonious atmospheres by raising the energy and aptitude of each individual employee so they are more engaged, inspired and collaborative for success.

The heart and soul of any company is the energy of its employees.

Are you sick of losing great talent too early? Concerned about employee stress and overwhelm? And looking for ways to build a unified, happy and productive team faster? In the last two years, Heart House Meditation has shown small to large organisations how to consciously raise the energy and vitality of employees so they are primed for focus, collaboration and presence. We've helped the likes of Barclays, Universal Music Group, Acast and Slyp and we can do the same for you too. 

Calm vibes, unified tribes.

Sadly, a lot of organisations have trouble retaining staff and creating an atmosphere of calm. It's not their fault, they just haven't been taught how to build calm, unified tribes of employees that are inspired towards a common goal. It doesn't have to be this way for you though. We can show you exactly how to increase organisational wellbeing, vitality and resilience using meditation and other techniques and tools to build self-awareness and connection.

Raise your vibration, raise your retention.

Using the latest research in neuroscience and heart-intelligence, combined with a holistic approach of eastern wisdom, we train your employees to reduce and reframe stress, and create calm coherence between heart and mind. This way employees build their vibration, confidence and self-awareness and help create a unified organisation.

Less reactive, more collaborative.

Humans crave connection. We are hardwired to connect and collaborate with each other. One of the benefits of meditation is that it clears stress and tension from the body that can make us reactive to life situations. This clears space for creative energy to collaborate and communicate better for a harmonious and productive working environment.

"Marshall was outstanding! Is there anyway he can come back on a regular basis?"

Joann Canoise, Mental Health Outreach Lead - Barclays

It starts and ends with kindness, love and respect.

At the end of the day, Heart House Meditation is about cultivating kind, loving, self-aware human beings. By teaching your employees heart-centered meditation and communication techniques, tools and practices, we elevate the intrinsic, natural qualities of the heart - love, gratitude, kindness, joy and empathy. Employees can then feel more calm, productive and connected at work. They win, you win.


Feelings of stress that divide organisations and drain individuals of vital energy doesn't have to continue to be the norm. With knowledge and practice, employees don't have to be dependent upon external environmental influences to produce positive, elevated emotions — rather through what Heart House Meditation teaches, it's something we can produce on demand. When employees learn how to regulate their internal state, independent of what's going on at work, an atmosphere of calm and presence can be created.

The Soul Of Success:

The Secret Sauce of Putting Employees First To Create Organisational Harmony

(Two-Hour Workshop)

To survive and thrive in this 4th industrial revolution you need to invest in employee wellbeing as a way to support both personal and professional development.

In this two-hour workshop you will learn:​​

How to create an atmosphere and culture of calm, collaboration, connection and trust for a more harmonious workplace.

How to calm the mind, open the heart and shift from stress to presence for greater employee wellbeing & productivity.

How to raise the energy and aptitude of your employees through heart-centered leadership and communication.

How to reframe stress and overwhelm with practical tools and techniques backed by science.

Get in touch and discover how we can help you create a calm, happy and harmonious atmosphere within your organisation.

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