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Finally! How To Retain Staff & Keep Them Happy Without HR Headaches In 30 Days. Guaranteed!

The heartbeat of any company is their energy. Great companies have great team spirit and cohesion. That starts with its leaders and the heart and soul of every employee. When everyone raises their vibration and energy, so does the quality and efficiency of their work.

Marshall Dunn

"Workplace stress doesn't have to be the thief in the night that robs you and your company of joy. Meditation gives employers and employees the opportunity to be engaged with work, but not overwhelmed by it."

Marshall understands the demands and stress that come with working environments. But he also knows there are ways to better manage one's reactivity and attitude in the present moment. Through the practice of meditation, positive psychology and mindful communication, Marshall empowers individuals to manage their time better, be more productive without the stress, make clearer decisions, and communicate effectively to reduce conflict and enhance efficiency.


"Marshall was outstanding. Is there anyway he come back on a regular basis?" [Another event] would really be wonderful.  There were a number of first time guided mediators and they had a positive first time experience with the practice." - Barclays employee



Marshall's Meditation & Developmental Programs can support your business to:

  • Increase productivity and employee happiness

  • Create a resilience workforce

  • Reduce fear-based thinking and self-doubt

  • Empower employee time management

  • Increase mindful communication

  • Reduce conflict 

  • Inspire creativity

  • Promote gratitude and community

  • Harness individual strengths to propel people forward

  • Develop daily growth mindset habits and rituals

  • Act and execute with authority and conviction

  • Manifest goals through focused attention

  • Increase workplace mental health

Each program is tailored to your company's needs. Keynotes, workshops & consulting are available. 

Guided Meditations & Integration Sessions 

Center, Focus & Energize Your Team

I bring over ten years meditation experience and teach a blend of mindfulness, guided visualization, and more recently heart-centered meditation after training with world renowned healer and creative visionary, Ron Young.


Proven benefits of meditation in the workplace include:

  • Reduced costs of staff absenteeism caused by illness, injury, stress and long-term illness

  • Improved cognitive function including better concentration, memory, learning ability and creativity

  • Increased sustained attention span and improved multitasking ability

  • Improved communication & listening skills

  • Increased motivation leading to greater achievements

  • Improved productivity and overall staff well-being

  • Reduced staff turnover and associated costs

  • Enhanced employer/employee and client relationships

  • Reduced Health Insurance premiums for the business

  • A visible and tangible Corporate Responsibility stance

  • Enhanced employee job satisfaction and higher staff retention