"Letters to Mitch - The Healing Power of Grief, Love & Truth" is the true story of how a young man uses his greatest wound as a gift to heal his life. When Marshall Dunn learns the devastating news that his elder brother, Mitch, has taken his own life, little does he know that his loss will become the catalyst to awaken to his soul’s purpose.


The book is narrated through a series of raw, heartfelt letters accompanied with instructive and intuitive reflections. Letters to Mitch encourages readers to embrace change, seek their own hidden truth in vulnerability and honor the life with which they have been gifted.


Let Marshall take you deep inside the engine room of loss as he travels along an inspiring journey towards growth, healing, and envisioning the future. Just as Mitch’s death has become Marshall’s greatest gift, he has written this book as a gift to anyone searching for the way back home after suicide, loss, and personal crisis.

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Interviews about the book

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