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Meet Marshall

Marshall Dunn is the Founder of Heart House Meditation, author of Letters to Mitch: The Healing Power of Grief, Love & Truth, host of the Heart House Radio podcast and spiritual mentor. Marshall holds his Masters from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology in Education (Mind, Body, Spiritual Practice), and brings over twelve years of meditation experience.


Marshall says, it was the suicide loss of his elder brother, Mitch in 2002, which sparked deep self-inquiry, contemplation, healing and spiritual awakening. Marshall combines his own transformational experience with modern science and ancient wisdom to help cultivate kind, self-aware human beings. Marshall has taught at Universal Music Group, Barclays, Acast, Slyp, Loreto Kirribilli, Chevalier College, The Assemblage, L&A Social, and been featured in Who Weekly, 2GB & 2UE Radio, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Body & Soul and Tiny Buddha. A student first, teacher second, Marshall continues to move deeply within himself, training with well-renowned spiritual healers and creative visionaries such as, Ron Young to expand his knowledge and wisdom in the field of life. 

A Note From Marshall

Meditation has been a portal to access my essential nature, my Truth. Recognizing that love and naturalness within has been and still is a beautiful thing. However, at the start of this journey in 2002 after my brother, Mitch took his own life - my life was in chaos. It represented fear, sadness, confusion, guilt and shame. I felt alone and wondered if I'd ever actually be okay.

In the fog of grief, meditation found me one rainy day in Japan when I was 22 years old. Since then it has become the most powerful tool for removing stress, tension, anxiety and depression from within. Connecting to a pure state of Being became this inner-mentor, therapist and old friend. It gave me an opportunity to heal and see the world from a new perspective. In a way, meditation helped me die. Helped me die from old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that kept me stuck. Meditation helped me shed old skin of my ego, and awaken to who and what I really am - an expression of Love, God, Source, The Divine, Universal Intelligence - whatever you wish to call it. That undeniable field of loving awareness and intelligence that creates, heals and organises the Universe.

These words I speak of are from direct experience. Meditation has allowed me to trust very deeply what I feel inside my heart, which has led me to this moment with you. It is my wish that you too discover the bliss of your natural essence. And in this recognition, you act upon the love, music and dance in your heart. That gift within you is your path of fulfillment and a life of meaning and purpose. You will shine and so too will the world around you.

Much love and success to you on your path.