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Walk the path of your heart

Meditation and mentorship on your path to healing your life, discovering your purpose and sharing it with the world.

Mentoring with Marshall

What you can expect:

  • A healing of past wounds & fears that keep you stuck.

  • A meditation practice to help you tune into the wisdom & peace of your heart.

  • Tools to help you reframe stress and suffering to alleviate anxiety.

  • Breakthroughs that awaken new vitality, perspective and way of being.

  • Support from someone that's done the inner-work.

  • Clarity, confidence and a plan to step into and embody what your heart desires. 

Sessions are sold in packs of 5 or 10.

Sessions conducted via Zoom (50 mins)

With a foundation in Clinical Psychology, Meditation, and Spiritual Inquiry & Healing, my approach is both practical and spiritual.  

By targeting the mind, body and spirit, we heal the past, present and future for life-changing, lasting results. 

I blend my own personal life healing, Masters in Clinical Psychology (Mind, Body, Spirit Practice) from Columbia University, and development under spiritual healers, like Ron Young from Healing Wisdom, to provide you a powerful mix of healing modalities including:

  • Meditation Instruction & Integration 

  • Spiritual Guidance & Self-Inquiry

  • Transformational Life Coaching

Our work together is the ultimate coming home party. It is the soul of new beginnings.

This is the work of spiritual unfolding and life transformation. The art of inwardness, courage and presence.

It's not for everyone. It's for a heart and mind who wants to know what idea the universe is trying to express through them.

If you want to create a definite change within yourself, let's do it. I'm here to be your guide.

Tabitha Johns

"Working with Marshall has been one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. He's helped me to unlock the person who has been inside all along!"

Josh Ure

"In a very short time with working with Marshall, I really feel like my life is back on track and I am making some meaningful progress towards the life I envisioned for myself!"

Zena Nzibo

"Marshall was absolutely incredible helping me breakthrough disempowering beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones. I gained so much clarity on my past fears and began to see my life in a completely different light. His wisdom, guidance and toolbox full of tricks saved the day!"

Geno Studnicki

"Marshall has truly helped me to break through on to the “other side.” For the longest time I struggled with so many mixed emotions and thoughts that I was unsure of how to properly express myself and communicate with others. I was consumed with anxieties and fears that kept reappearing in my life and I wasn’t sure why. I had tried therapists in the past but I never felt a sincere connection with them like I did with Marshall he truly cares and his work is POWERFUL!"


​"Marshall’s gifts are profound and I believe what he does goes far beyond coaching. He is a mentor and a hero who is empowering others to dare to find their authentic selves and live from this place of truth. Marshall was able to give me tools that enabled me to tackle the challenges that came my way and rediscover the things that made me come alive and feel connected to my essential nature. He helped me fined a more balanced and joyful way to live and I now have my handy pack of to-dos that I can whip out in times of stress and need."


"Marshall himself is what takes this work far beyond any coaching experience I have had in the past. Marshall's spiritual depth is matched with a groundedness that makes him a truly unique and marvelous guide. While being very down to earth and comfortable to talk to, it is clear that Marshall is drawing on an incredible wealth of knowledge and insight that allow him to cut through the noise to get to the core of any issue. His guidance is gentle yet powerful, and I cannot overstate the importance of the shifts it has helped me make in my life."

tanya gupta

"I am a very introverted person who absolutely hates talking to people about my personal life, especially when I am not close friends with them because it takes me awhile to trust others.


Yet as we went on walking and talking, I saw myself become more and more relaxed and found myself sharing thoughts and memories I wouldn't have considered before. His questions and guidance was thought-provoking, yet his presence was very gentle and comforting. Since then I had a few more sessions with Marshall in which he led me through meditations and journaling, further guiding me on an internal journey to understand and remove the mental and emotional blocks I have been facing in my creative endeavors. I highly recommend working with Marshall - he truly is a mystic mentor! :)"

caroline warner

​"Marshall is a thoughtful and knowledgeable Life Guide. Able to move effortlessly between deep soul work and strategy and planning, Marshall asks questions that will move you to take action toward your goals. While we started our sessions strategizing for my PhD, Marshall quickly uncovered that it was my relationship to money where I was struggling. Marshall made it feel safe to talk about a topic that was challenging but important to my success and happiness. I loved the walk through the park. The conversation flowed easily on our stroll and reminded me how good it feels to be outside and connected to nature!  Highly recommend Marshall as a guide in life!"

Sam levine

"Marshall is a phenomenal listener who builds rapport quickly. He asks pointed, insightful questions that pushed me to consider my beliefs and goals in different ways, and is not afraid to push my buttons in order to help me overcome what's holding me back."

Charlotte hicks

"I think the best thing about working with Marshall, was understanding the importance of this daily exercise for your mind. Rebooting and re-wiring the way I think, then practicing it everyday - training it the same way I would when I go to the gym. The amount of money people spend on personal trainers, but ironically completely underestimate the return on investment for ‘trainers’ for your mind.

He helped me identify some key subject matters that were distinctively toxic for me. Negative thoughts and conditioning that were self-limiting and impeding what I truly wanted out of life. With some of the techniques and methods he taught me, I’ve help used these negative thoughts as a positive. He’s helped me 'neutralize' these negative thoughts and use them to fuel a lot of the positive things in my life.

Its takes some persistence but you can feel the positive benefits from the moment you finish your sessions with him (and wonder how you every survived before it!)"

Daniel Ucchino

“If you are suffering from life’s pressures and challenges and you are looking for REAL meaning that will not only bring you to a place of acceptance but ultimately to see the unconditional love and gratitude for the hurdles, then Marshall’s work will take you there in a BIG WAY!!

Marshall is an intuitive teacher with a big heart, but he also has the ability to guide you away from victimhood towards self-empowerment and unshakable inner-confidence. He provides the platform for you to make the much-needed changes in order to breakthrough and change your life! His work will take your from fear to freedom!”

kaye hume

"As a busy working mother of two boys, I have had difficulty with stress and feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day. Marshall's ability to keep things grounded in the present moment with the mental tools and breathing techniques to manage my day have been life saving! Both my husband and I see Marshall each week and we both love him to bits! Thank you!"

Sarah quinn

"Working with Marshall has been a life-changing experience for me. For anyone at a crossroads or crisis in their life, I cannot recommend working with him highly enough.

He has helped me grow from an anxious, self-conscious person into someone with confidence and direction. He has taught me how to view and approach things from a different perspective and how to identify the things that are important to me.

Marshall has taught me how to dig deep into my psyche, and to face the surprising and what at times has been a difficult truth about myself. His practical approach and use of mind exercises and tools have helped give me clarity and direction and are techniques that I can still use beyond our sessions."

Alice field

“Working with Marshall has been a truly transformational experience for me. Our sessions so far have been a process of rediscovering who I am and what makes me happy, reconnecting with my intuition and rebalancing my life. His gentle and compassionate approach has helped me to clearly identify what is important to me. The tools he’s shared with me help me to use this knowledge to make decisions that are slowly shifting my life to one of balance and happiness.


One of the best things about working with Marsh is his ability to simplify what can at times seem like an overwhelming and daunting process. He has a practical approach to tackling some of life’s biggest questions – who am I? What do I value? What makes me happy? 


A few months after starting, I have more control over my life and understand myself more fully than I ever have before. The impact working with Marsh has had on my life has been huge and I can’t wait for the transformation to continue!”


"Marshall has been influential in my development. He has an innate ability to develop a genuine understanding of the person then couples that with his own real-world experiences. By combining those two elements, he's able to create a blueprint for sustained success both in the professional and personal sectors. Most importantly, he aims for and succeeds in allowing you to live your true, authentic self in the most purest form."