Marshall Dunn, M.A (Clinical Psychology, Columbia University) is a Meditation & Life Guide, Writer and Podcast Host. The information that he provides, during any session, can in no way be substituted for the professional advice that one might seek from a licensed attorney, certified public accountant, medical doctor or trained, professional counselor. During a session information may come to light that discloses facts about the client. Please know that this information is kept confidential due to the high moral and ethical values that Marshall Dunn adheres to. Marshall is, in no way, responsible for any action that a client may take due to information they have learned during a session. All the information that comes through to Marshall must be considered and filtered by the client’s own discernment. Should you find yourself in need of professional advice from legal counsel, an accountant, medical help or psychiatric counseling, it is suggested that you seek a professional that comes highly recommended.


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Heart House Meditation is a worldwide community that provides monthly personally guided meditation, instruction and practical life-coaching tools and wisdom to activate your life.

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What Heart House Members Are Saying:

“"Marshall’s gifts are profound and I believe what he does goes far beyond coaching. He is a mentor and a hero who is empowering others to dare to find their authentic selves and live from this place of truth."”

Ning Tendo

“I've experienced profound internal shifts with Marsh, which led to clarity and healing in my relationships, career and spiritual growth. Working with him was one of the best choices I've ever made. Without his guidance and coaching, I don't know where I'd be."”

Morgan D.

“Working with Marshall at Heart House has been one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. He's helped me to unlock the person who has been inside all along!”

Tabitha Johns