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Parents & Teenagers

Our children will live in a world that we can’t begin to imagine. That is the one thing we know for certain.

To thrive in this world, they will need to be dynamic thinkers, problem solvers, be adaptable and flexible in their approach to all things and have strong interpersonal skills.

Tim believes it is our responsibility to give them the skills they will need to flourish, to maintain perspective, to know themselves and what they stand for, to understand the points of view of others but not be caught up in them and to withstand the pressures of a constantly switched on world.

Giving your children the gift of mediation, you give them access to the deep quiet within themselves, a tool they will have for the rest of their lives.

Tim teaches children from 5 years of age. At least one parent must have learned Vedic Meditation and/or Transcendental Meditation.


Children’s Meditation Course Structure:

Session 1: Introductory Talk 30 minutes (the intro talk will allow Tim to explain the technique & it’s benefits to the child or children. It is important that it is the child’s decision to learn to meditate after this.

Session 2: 1 hour of Learning

Session 3: 1 hour of Learning & Consolidation

There will be a 15 minute “check in” phone call scheduled approximately 10 days after session 3.

All sessions take place one-on-one with Tim at the centre in Paddington during the day on weekdays, with sessions 2 & 3 to be scheduled on successive days. A parent or parents are welcome to be present.

Children can also learn during group school holiday courses when scheduled.

Primary school students – $440
Secondary school students* – $ 660
Tertiary students* – $880

* Tertiary students and some secondary school students will join the scheduled group courses of instruction.

For registration or more information please contact Valerie here