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Heart House

A members club for meditation, practical wisdom & spiritual inquiry.

Up Your Inner Game

Learn how to unwind stress and anxiety and form a healthy, calm and peaceful relationship with your heart and mind.

Heart House


At Heart House we don't look outside ourselves for the answers. This is an experiential inward journey, asking new questions to invite answers to surface, stored within the wisdom of our being.

Our daily live sessions are a process of you releasing what no longer serves you, and which holds you back. This is an invitation to do the inner-work. Heart House isn't about data, analytics and focused on the "information age." It is about inspiration....living "in-spirit." We are a community that is inwardly directed, juxtaposed against our externally directed culture.

Our work together is designed to raise your vibration in order for your Being to expand. It is your Being that broadcasts through your heart, and so that is where we begin and always come back to in our work. Together, I will help guide you to become more intimate with who is feeling and who is thinking. I will help you to follow your heart's quiet yearning.

Everything at Heart House is grounded in love and compassion. From exploring how you speak to yourself, how you relate and respond to others, how you feel, and how you develop trust within you that you may have lost through conditioning.


We work on the basic tenants of being a good person to yourself and to others. Kindness, compassion, creativity, gratitude, empathy, understanding, discipline, humor - fundamental qualities of being, feeling and doing good. We give. We give and we give and we give. Giving is living. And we do this from the inside out. We attune to the beauty within you - we love ourselves first. From there, using this powerful portal of energy, we show people the love we have in our hearts. That becomes a manifestation of your purpose and gives your life deep fulfillment and meaning.

At Heart House we build your dream home. An unshakable foundation within you that is your temple of wealth. Your wealth is your essential nature. This community encourages deep exploration into your essential nature. To become excited and curious about where you're going, instead of where you've been been. When you come on the journey with Heart House, you give yourself permission to stand in your power and not hold yourself back any longer.

We practice together LIVE for 30 minutes Monday to Friday. Half the time is personally guided heart-centered meditation, and the other half is discussion and questions on the week's theme of practical wisdom to be contemplated and applied in your daily life. After the 30 minutes, it is up to you how you carry yourself throughout your day. That is your BIG meditation...and Heart House prepares you for that each day.




Heart House

You want to meditate, but it's hard to stick to...

Now there's no excuses. You have a community and daily personal guide to keep you accountable and help improve your wellbeing.

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Heart House

I created MediMembers to make showing up for meditation fun and engaging, while helping you be consistent so you can be connected, supported and inspired everyday!






  • Live guided meditation & instruction

  • Practical wisdom & life guidance

  • Live Q&A through FB LIVE

  • A community that supports your journey

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"My week's not the same without my daily dose of Marsh and meditation!"

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Be engaged with life, but not overwhelmed by it.