Create A Culture Of Calm & Kindness

Meditation to open hearts and create an atmosphere of calm and kindness.

In a recent 10 week study, 96% of Loreto Kirribilli students agreed meditation helped them feel calmer and energized to start the day.

(Survey conducted, August 2019)

Cultivate calm, kind, self-aware human beings

Are you concerned with the number of students experiencing stress and anxiety? Worried about how that's impacting their presence and learning in the classroom? And looking for ways to ease exam pressure, while maintaining positive results? At Heart House Meditation, we help create a culture of calm for students and staff by raising the energy and aptitude of each individual so they are more engaged, inspired and present each day.

Increase calm, decrease expectation anxiety and worry

There's a saying "stress makes you stupid." When the body is living by the hormones of accumulated stress, it's hard to concentrate, make good decisions, feel confident and be present to each moment. With Heart House Meditation, students and staff have the opportunity to restore and reboot the nervous system, increase presence to boost cognitive and emotional processing, and connect to the intelligence, love and wisdom of the heart.

Connected in mind, heart and soul

Science has shown that when the mind, heart and body are working in coherence, optimal wellbeing is achieved. This is precisely what Heart House Meditation is designed to achieve. When students and staff feel more connected to their hearts, the intrinsic qualities of what it means to be human, flourish. Kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding, trust, vulnerability and courage amplify to help create a culture of calm and resilience.

Guided, morning gratitude meditation

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10 Reasons To Meditate At School

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety

  2. Experience greater happiness and wellbeing

  3. Increase your energy and vitality

  4. Be more self-aware and present

  5. Have greater focus and clarity

  6. Enjoy a better night's sleep

  7. Be less reactive

  8. Act from wisdom and love over fear and self-doubt

  9. Improve memory and focus

  10. Experience more love and calm

The power is in presence

When students feel less stressed and more calm, they are able to focus better in the classroom. Instead of worrying about things in the past or anxious about the future, students and staff are equipped with the knowledge and a practice to bring a sharp, energised focus into the present moment. Studies have shown that meditation can reduce the size of the amygdala - the fear response area of the brain - to help students stop living by the hormones of stress and begin to perform at their best.

Create an culture of calm.

A calm school culture is a unified school culture. Less division, more inclusion. Less conflict, more kindness. Less stress, more creativity. Be proactive with cultivating a space for students to explore their inner-space and feel more relaxed and confident about being in their own skin, and tapping into the talents and gifts they were born to share.

"It is an amazing start to the day. I feel so calm and refreshed after each morning meditation."

- Loreto student

A note from Marshall to school leaders

Congratulations on the work you do educating our next generation! Your role in society is far greater than oftentimes given credit for.


As you know, kids of today were born into times of tremendous change, pace and over-stimulation. As a result, expectations are high, nervous systems are overwhelmed and attention scattered. Kids need not only tools and practices to help them ground and find their center, they need an opportunity to explore their inner-space and remember their essential nature.


In my experience, when students meditate individually and collectively, the results are wonderful. Inner-peace is established to help them be engaged with life, but not overwhelmed by it. And with consistency, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing is elevated.

It all starts in their hearts. Their guiding compass. Their organ of love and kindness. The more I see students connect with their hearts, the more I see school cultures of loving awareness. Not division, not competition, but unity and collaboration in the classroom and on the playground. 

I look forward to being in service with your school very soon!


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